Freshest Vegetables

I will select the freshest vegetables available for your meals.
Freshest Fish

I will select the freshest fish available for your meals. All of the fish will be purchased the day I cook for you.
Top quality Meats

The meats I select are of the finest quality available. The cuts are the most tender, and all are purchased the day I cook for you. No frozen meat here! We offer beef, pork, turkey and chicken entrees and whatever other type of meat you may prefer, as long as it is available.
Freshest Herbs & Seasonings

The herbs used in your meals are fresh. If the herb is not available fresh, I will purchase dried herbs and crush or grind them when I use them. I grind only as much fresh seasonings as I need each day. This prevents the flavorful oils from evaporating while the herbs and spices sit on a shelf waiting to be used. All of my herbs are bought directly from a company Stateside and I only buy the very expense is spared. I do not buy supermarket spices. 2005 powered by binarian studios